We manufacture lifts for people with mobility challenges. Manufacturing of elevators for the disabled was launched as a separate activity of Ekodora UAB, a construction firm. Later, as our new type of activities has gained momentum, we decided to separate the lift manufacturing and founded Ekodarna MB. Some of the lifts manufactured by us have been in operation already for 15 years.Special lifts and elevators make people with mobility challenges independent. We know it for sure as we have many friends among the disabled. Our lifts helped them to overcome everyday challenges and opened new business perspectives to us.

Ekodarna firm cooperates with various construction and design firms, takes part in a number of building renovation projects, whenerver there is a need to adapt newly constructed, public or social purpose buildings and structures to the needs of the disabled. We do our best to spread knowledge about our lifts among as many design and construction firms as possible.

Ekodarna designs lifts that are in harmony with the environment. Standard equipment is most popular, but we also receive orders for custom-made, unique elevators. Therefore, if you send us a plan of the premises with a space for the lift on it and know the transportation height, we will do the rest of the work. Also, you may apply to us for manufacturing and installing a cargo lift or a platform lift at a restaurant or café.

We take orders from all over Lithuania and outside its boundaries. We can create, customize, provide installation instructions and sell a disabled access product for a customer from any country in the world.

Our advantages

  • High quality and economic solutions
  • Custom-made lifts to fit ypur specific needs

Please, see an information booklet for your convenience.